Sunday, 27 January 2013

Curtis Kulig for Smashbox

I’ve made my love for street art abundantly clear... now imagine street art and cosmetics combined! It’s more than my eyes can take! I was ecstatic when Smashbox introduced their collaboration with the American artist Curtis Kulig, known for his Love me graffiti design.  

Kulig’s iconic tag next to an AmyD wheatpaste by Stikki Peaches.
(I took this picture while street art hunting  in Old Montreal with my buddy Alex!) 

The collection features an oversized felt-tipped eyeliner pen, blush, two shadow palettes and a red or coral lipstick and gloss. The red lipstick (my fave) is a Pantone match to Kulig’s signature colour. Click HERE to watch Smashbox’s interview with the artist.