Sunday, 15 September 2013

Trending Now: The Dos and Don'ts of Sneakers

A while back, I published a "trend alert" about Wedge Sneakers. It soon became the blog’s most viewed post. Women of the world shouted hurray for comfort! Months later, the wedge sneaker is still a must-have accessory, perfect for the fast approaching fall weather. Recently however, I’ve been spotting a new version of the trend  *drum roll*  Ze Sneaker. I’m not talking Isabel Marant here, I’m talking Nike, Adidas... the classics! Many of you are thinking “Whoa, we were on board with the wedge, but gym shoes ain’t sexy!” I assure you ladies that once you’ve seen the following pics, you’ll be running out to get a pair.

Here are my dos and don’ts regarding sneaker wear:  1) Your gym shoes and your fashion statement should not be one and the same. Leave the sole support in your locker  2) Go for a thinner, sleeker shoe. They will pair up perfectly with a skinny jean  3) Don’t be shy to roll up your pants and show off a little ankle  4) Don’t rock a skirt with this look. Now’s the time to showcase your androgynous side and play up your femininity with simple pink lips, loose curls and full lashes  5) Don’t downgrade your accessories. Bring out your favourite oversized purse, manicured white nails, and sexy shades.


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  2. so ..,i found your site from a comment from last year in another blog..what happened- did work/love/marriage take you away from your blog??

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