Sunday, 31 March 2013

Peeps Show (Happy Easter!)

I absolutely needed to share this HI-LA-RI-OUS article D sent me a while back, which documents how Peeps are made. I am a big Peeps fan – not so much because of their taste, but mostly because they are so cute slash creepy. (Ahhh... the unique but thrilling combination of cute/creepy; a rare gift!)

Cute fact: did you know that Peeps were created in 1953? And that 2 BILLION Peeps are produced every year? Creepy fact: Peeps are insoluble in acetone or water. Ish. Now that’s food for thought.
Purple Peeps on the conveyor belt.
According to The New York Times, “It takes six minutes to make a Peep. Ingredients are mixed, air is injected and the emerging Peep is blasted with a sugar shower and decorated with two tiny eyes made of edible wax.”
Sugar coating

The eye attachment station

‘‘No one Peeps chick is the same as another,’’ claims Matthew Pye, the company’s marketing director. ‘‘Each one has its own personality.’’

Eye placement guidelines

Peeps rejects (insert sad face)
Peep away; I want to her from you! What’s your guilty pleasure?


Monday, 18 March 2013

Hey you! Homes, clothes and some Stikki

Peeps, I haven’t been in touch in forevaaa! Life has been too hectic/crazy/amazing to sit down... here’s a short recap: Hubby and I bought our first home. Wait, that totally deserved more exclamation points... let me start over: Hubby and I bought our first home!!!!!!! It’s a done friggin’ deal. Can you believe it? After months and months of searching, we fell in love. The move in date is August and although that seems quite far away, I know time will fly.
I’ve also been blessed with some epic girl-time and you know what that means! Shopping! Below, you’ll find a few of my fave new purchases.
Vero Moda’s kakhi jacket with faux leather sleeves ... if it's got faux leather sleeves, I'm buying it. Period. / Kate Spade Winking Georgie clutch (it ACTUALLY winks... hello awesomeness!) / My fave conditioner by Kiehl’s / Rebelle Rouge Coco Shine by Chanel / Lemon coloured iPad cover by Coach / Art geek alert! I purchased Urban Outfitter’s Curtis Kulig iPhone cover. This totally kills my street cred, but I think it’s worth the risk.
And since I appear to be on a spending roll (guys, guys, this didn’t all happen in one day... I haven’t written in a while, remember?) I also purchased this awesome new silkscreen print by the Montreal artist Stikki Peaches. For those following my Instagram, you know I’m a fan. Come on ladies! Batman and James Bond rolled into one? Printed on crinkled kraft paper? Ohhh... so badass I couldn’t resist. Being an art historian has its perks, so I was able to purchase this print before its release date... it should be available soon by clicking HERE.
Stikki PeachesBatBond (edition of 50) soon available at Station 16.
How have you been?