Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Holiday Wish List

PANIC ATTACK. How did the holiday season creep up on us so fast? Less than a month to go and I still haven’t started gift shopping... For those who know me: your jaw just dropped! I’m normally a nauseating on-the-ball shopper. By December, my tree is up, gifts are wrapped and I’ve sent my cards to friends and family.  This year: nothing. Eek! Time to get on it! To get us in the mood, here’s my Holiday Wish List:
1. Lauren Elan’s Everly necklace / 2. Agnelle Pony leather gloves / 3. Feathers, feathers, feathers! If money was not an issue, this Alexander McQueen feather trimmed top would be mine / 4. I’m loving all shades of grey (pun unintended... get your mind out of the gutter!) I sure love this Rag & Bone Lund Pullover / 5. Kate Spade gold iPhone case / 6. Nine West Cosy Bootie in black / 7. Chanel's Vamp nail polish / 8. Oh-so-glam Diptyque Feu de Bois candle.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

When life gets in the way...

I don't like the expression “When life gets in the way...” It makes no sense... of course life gets in the way... it IS the way... no? That being said, I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed these past weeks (hence my sporadic posting). Things at work are crazy (in the best way!), Hubby and I are planning on buying our first home (major milestone, peeps!), we’ve also been running all over town catching up with friends and family... and while all of this is great – it’s also INTENSE. It is as though I have too many things on my plate and can’t seem to focus on any one in particular. Tell me I’m not the only one feeling this! ...Anyways, here are a few snapshots I haven’t had the time to share; hope you enjoy!

1. Walking into the bedroom to find that Hubby placed our watches one next to the other... it’s the small things that make us love our men so darn much. Am I right? / 2. Testing out BB creams and coming to the clear conclusion that Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Skin Perfector is the way to go. Read my review by clicking HERE / 3. Great quote: Aim for awesome! / 4. Beautiful Montreal / 5. My faithful Longchamp and Michael Kors shoes while traveling to San Diego a few weeks back / 6. Whatisadam’s Halloween wheat-paste spotted in Old Montreal with my friend MC after dinner at Gandhi.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Winter Ready

No doubt about it: winter has arrived in Montreal! I got to enjoy a little shopping this weekend and between every shop I was unbuttoning my coat, removing my gloves... geez, shopping in the summer is so much less hassle! That being said, during the cold months, we get to purchase the best items: coats and boots! Ahhh... a slice of heaven... To get you winter-ready, here are a few suggestions as well as some fellow-blogger-slash-pinterest inspiration. Let me know what you think! Cheers, Emily xo

FAUX FUR: Baukjen Erin Faux Fur Stole / BEANIE: H&M Hat / GLOVES : N. Peal Cashmere Gloves / NAILS: Essies’ Bahama Mama / COAT: Paule Ka Belted Wool Blend Coat (check out the one I just purchased by visiting our facebook page) / JEWELS: Isabelle May Kashmir and Mercury bracelets / BOOTIES: Yves Saint Laurent Gisele 80 Suede Ankle Boots

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Mathieu Levesque’s Puzzle

Saturday was one of those days where I felt hyper in-tune with my love for the art world. I spent the day passionately discussing art with a like-minded client, and finished off at Galerie Trois Points, housed on the fifth floor of the Belgo Building. I’ve said this before: I have nothing but love for the Trois Points owners, their artists and now, especially Mathieu Levesque’s Puzzle...

Jonah Lehrer wrote in his book Imagine “You know an idea has promise when it seems obvious in retrospect.” This is exactly how I felt towards Levesque’s sprayed enamel on wood. His pieces (call them painting, sculpture, installation, architectural prototypes... all rolled into one) redefine the notions of painting and art. With this exhibition, Mathieu Levesque completes his Master’s degree in visual arts and media art at UQAM. If you are in Montreal, I encourage you to head over to Galerie Trois Points; the show is up until December 15th.
Now... I must really get ready... the lovely Danina awaits me for a girly lunch at Holts!
Happy weekend!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Review: Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Skin Perfector

I’m not sure what this says about my willpower, but most of what goes on my “Currently Craving” posts becomes mine. My latest purchase? Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Skin Perfector, which was described by The Beauty Editor as blowing “BB Creams out of the water.” Sold!

I, for one, never jumped on the BB cream wagon. I’m not a fan of its greasy finish... In my opinion, Armani’s Maestro Skin Perfector does what BB only hopes to achieve... but for a whooping 68 CAN$. Ouch.
Once you get your hands on this product (bite the bullet and doooo it), shake the bottle, place two or three drops on your fingers and simply let them glide on your face. I’m telling you: it’s like giving yourself a massage with fairy dust! It’s by far the lightest foundation on the market. It goes on smooth, like thin fluid oil... Now, if the word “oil” just made you cringe with visions of breaking out, relax. Maestro is noncomedogenic, which means that it won’t block pores. Your skin will feel nourished and soft (oh sooo soft!). As for coverage, I’d be lying if I said it was a one stop shop. I won’t be giving up by Boi-ing Benefit concealor (to camouflage a late night outing) or even my faithful Cover FX to powder my nose. But here’s what I will guarantee: if you try this product, you’ll get a gorgeous glow, long lasting coverage and incredible comfort!
Let me know if you’ve tried it or if you have a new fave product!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Cool Art & Happy Prostates

Have you noticed all the moustaches growing recently? I’m so proud to walk down the street and see such a great number of men participating in Movember! Sounds unfamiliar? Well it's quite simple: every November, men unite to shave off their faces and grow an epic moustache. For thirty days, these men raise awareness and funds for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and male mental health issues. Today, 1.9 Million people worldwide participate in this incredible campaign. If you know of someone growing a nice “Mo,” please share their link in the comment section below. Looking for a team to support? Might I suggest my friends at Station 16 who have rallied wonderful artists such as Stikki Peaches and WIA to create limited edition prints for a teeny tiny price point of 25.00$. All proceeds are given directly to their Movember team. Art and healthy prostates? YES!  

Clockwise: Mo Canada by WIA / Mo-Vengers by Station 16 graphic artists / Mo Flanders by Stikki Peaches / Mo Hair Care by Station 16 graphic artists


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

30 minutes: Wake Up!

So... I’m not proud of this... but I haven’t hit the gym since my trip to Europe. Not that I’m sitting at home stuffing my face with potato chips, but the gym has somehow gone from being a priority to “Meh, I’ve got friends to catch up with.” When a certain mother of mine took the time to write on PartyMixTape’s facebook pageI think that we are about due for a new selection of workout music... What with the sneaker theme and all? I find that music really keeps me going...” I have to admit, I felt a little sheepish... So here’s to getting my butt in gear and making time for ALL the priorities in my life! Time for some healthy-body-healthy-mind awesomeness!

Image via
Rock out to some of these hits & let me know which songs get you going!
Gangnam Style – PSY  (4.13)
Die Young – Ke$ha  (3.41)
One More Night – Maroon 5  (3.43)
Don’t Stop the Party – Pitbull ft. TJR  (3.28)
Trespassing – Adam Lambert  (3.20)
Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars (3.55)
I Cry – Flo Rida  (3.53)
Some Nights – FUN  (4.32)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

For the Men!

I’ve been asked several times to write about menswear... as Hubby lovingly pointed out: “You ALWAYS tell ME what to wear; why not go for it on the blog?” Touché!

For one, if you look like Joseph Gordon-Lewitt and/or rock like Paul McCartney, you can do no harm in my book. Second: if you are contemplating growing a beard, now’s your window of opportunity. When did beards get so HOT? Love them. Fellows: grow them! Please remember that today marks the first day of Movember, which means that you can get a head start by growing a moustache and help raise awareness for prostate cancer. Sexy and caring? Swoon!

Here are some manly bullet points:
·        Yup, bow ties are cool.
·        For men as for women, jewel tones are all the rage... (Yet, somehow, saying “jewel tones” isn’t virile.) Buy your guy a maroon sweater/shirt/jacket/scarf but drop the “jewel” description.
·        Velvet and corduroy are making a comeback this fall: old-world durability meets modern chic!
·        Sweaters: a cozy man is a happy man. But please, do roll up your sleeves: the ladies want to see your sexy forearms!
·        All women love a man in a suit. It’s as simple as that. A well-dressed gentleman is an instant classic (and an instant hit).
·        And finally: Other items for which you should keep an eye out? Plaid, kaki, leather and studs should find their way into your closet this season!