Sunday, 18 November 2012

Mathieu Levesque’s Puzzle

Saturday was one of those days where I felt hyper in-tune with my love for the art world. I spent the day passionately discussing art with a like-minded client, and finished off at Galerie Trois Points, housed on the fifth floor of the Belgo Building. I’ve said this before: I have nothing but love for the Trois Points owners, their artists and now, especially Mathieu Levesque’s Puzzle...

Jonah Lehrer wrote in his book Imagine “You know an idea has promise when it seems obvious in retrospect.” This is exactly how I felt towards Levesque’s sprayed enamel on wood. His pieces (call them painting, sculpture, installation, architectural prototypes... all rolled into one) redefine the notions of painting and art. With this exhibition, Mathieu Levesque completes his Master’s degree in visual arts and media art at UQAM. If you are in Montreal, I encourage you to head over to Galerie Trois Points; the show is up until December 15th.
Now... I must really get ready... the lovely Danina awaits me for a girly lunch at Holts!
Happy weekend!


  1. I'll go check out this show - you always have awesome suggestions! Lisa xo

  2. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! :) <333

  3. And what a lovely brunch it was! xoD