Thursday, 1 November 2012

For the Men!

I’ve been asked several times to write about menswear... as Hubby lovingly pointed out: “You ALWAYS tell ME what to wear; why not go for it on the blog?” Touché!

For one, if you look like Joseph Gordon-Lewitt and/or rock like Paul McCartney, you can do no harm in my book. Second: if you are contemplating growing a beard, now’s your window of opportunity. When did beards get so HOT? Love them. Fellows: grow them! Please remember that today marks the first day of Movember, which means that you can get a head start by growing a moustache and help raise awareness for prostate cancer. Sexy and caring? Swoon!

Here are some manly bullet points:
·        Yup, bow ties are cool.
·        For men as for women, jewel tones are all the rage... (Yet, somehow, saying “jewel tones” isn’t virile.) Buy your guy a maroon sweater/shirt/jacket/scarf but drop the “jewel” description.
·        Velvet and corduroy are making a comeback this fall: old-world durability meets modern chic!
·        Sweaters: a cozy man is a happy man. But please, do roll up your sleeves: the ladies want to see your sexy forearms!
·        All women love a man in a suit. It’s as simple as that. A well-dressed gentleman is an instant classic (and an instant hit).
·        And finally: Other items for which you should keep an eye out? Plaid, kaki, leather and studs should find their way into your closet this season!


  1. This was supposed to be barbu, but the "u" key refused to cooperate.

  2. Ha ha, I'm sending this link to my Man to read! I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to men's fashion! :)

    xo Jenny

  3. this is such an awesome post! and i couldn't agree more about bow ties :)

    Fashion Fractions

  4. Tell your men that was a great idea Emily hahaha, I have to send this to my man ;-)