Thursday, 15 November 2012

Review: Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Skin Perfector

I’m not sure what this says about my willpower, but most of what goes on my “Currently Craving” posts becomes mine. My latest purchase? Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Skin Perfector, which was described by The Beauty Editor as blowing “BB Creams out of the water.” Sold!

I, for one, never jumped on the BB cream wagon. I’m not a fan of its greasy finish... In my opinion, Armani’s Maestro Skin Perfector does what BB only hopes to achieve... but for a whooping 68 CAN$. Ouch.
Once you get your hands on this product (bite the bullet and doooo it), shake the bottle, place two or three drops on your fingers and simply let them glide on your face. I’m telling you: it’s like giving yourself a massage with fairy dust! It’s by far the lightest foundation on the market. It goes on smooth, like thin fluid oil... Now, if the word “oil” just made you cringe with visions of breaking out, relax. Maestro is noncomedogenic, which means that it won’t block pores. Your skin will feel nourished and soft (oh sooo soft!). As for coverage, I’d be lying if I said it was a one stop shop. I won’t be giving up by Boi-ing Benefit concealor (to camouflage a late night outing) or even my faithful Cover FX to powder my nose. But here’s what I will guarantee: if you try this product, you’ll get a gorgeous glow, long lasting coverage and incredible comfort!
Let me know if you’ve tried it or if you have a new fave product!

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  1. I'm always afraid to try new makeup but this looks really nice!