Thursday, 9 February 2012

Art for the fashion lover

Meet Antoine Tavaglione:  Fine Art’s equivalent to Karl Lagerfeld. OK... not yet... but I bet he’d love that analogy. Tavaglione, also known as TAVA, is a Montreal-based artist who playfully subverts popular brand imagery. The first piece I saw of his was LSY, a tongue and cheek appropriation of Yves Saint-Laurent’s iconic logo. Add to all the initial glitz and glamour the artist’s political agenda and a touch of irony and there you have it: TAVA. Louis Vuitton beware, he hasn’t found you yet!

TAVA, signing his Double C silkscreen, at Station 16.
The artist recently tweeted CHANEL, linking an image of HIS Double C’s. Love it: How to use social media as an artistic performance!

Hermes – Crooks & Automoblies


My pants are not too short, I'm European
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