Wednesday, 22 February 2012


It’s so infuriating when you spend good money on beauty products that don’t give you the results you had envisioned. Last month, I gave you my Top 10 beauty products, but Hubby is my witness that I have so much (much) more. Eek. Next time you are shopping for a lip gloss, keep the following suggestions in mind. I encourage you to let me know about your must-have beauty products in the comments below.  Cheers, E.

(1) At a recent birthday party, someone (you know who you are!) told me that my Top 10 was on the pricey side. Clearly, this selection is not helping my case… but Revlon’s lip gloss in Pink Pop is a fantastic and inexpensive choice is you want a nice pop of colour. Revlon also came out with a wonderful lilac coloured gloss… Lo-ve-ly! / (2) Ah. I love this one: Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip Balm in Rosy Glow by Givenchy. I wore this on my wedding day… so I have an extra soft spot for this gloss. Its formula contains pigments which are guaranteed to work with your skin tone. The colour is rich and surprisingly long-lasting. (3) Rouge Allure Velvet in Cambon. Between a red and a fuchsia, this lipstick is a must have. (4) LancĂ´me Juicy Tubes – Ultra Shiny Gloss in Berry Bold. The name says it all: juicy. If that’s not your thing, stay away. (5) Bobbi Brown Pretty Face Palette. OK, this one isn’t fair because it has eye shadows, blush and lip glosses. Not the most practical in my opinion, but Brown scores points for quality and creating such wearable colours. (6) Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Baroque by Nars. Love. This. Product. Super practical, easy to apply, great finish. Enough said: you need it. (7) Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Pur Couture in Rose Vinyl. Gloss and stain – YSL is a mind reader. This product lasts all day. But like any lip stain, I feel that it’s a little too drying to be my number 1.

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