Thursday, 2 August 2012

How to Rock a Jean Jacket

Denim is always on trend. Even when the fashion world had its doubts about jean jackets, admit it, you still thought they were cool. With fall fast approaching, this little number is a wardrobe-must. Afraid you won’t know what to pair it with? Easy! Here’s how to rock it like a pro:

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Do you know how to rock a jean jacket? If so, don’t forget to post a link in the comments section so that we can check it out!


  1. I LOVE denim jackets! I 've been looking for the perfect one for me but haven't found it yet. I'm not giving up!

    xo Jenny

  2. Love all these inspirational pics!!

  3. i really love denim jackets, i have about 10 of them ;P

    p.s. thank you so much for visiting me, my tattoo was actually fake, i wanted to try how i feel with it :)

  4. I actually wasn't that crazy about jean jackets, but these pictures make me see them in a whole new light. Might have to give them a go soon. Thanks for sharing!

    Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog

  5. Such a nice post, love it! Mixing a denim jacket with denim jeans, for me, It's a little weird. That's the only thing I noticed that I didn't like.
    xo, GS*

  6. I just bought a jean jacket yesterday. Thanks for these great ideas!

  7. I love the denim jacket trend! It's such a versatile clothing item!

  8. Lovely pictures! great post :D Glad you shared it