Saturday, 26 May 2012

30 minutes: Push it

The Journal of Science and Medicine in Sports  found that triathletes ran nearly 20 percent longer when listening to music that matched their pace than those training in silence. (Those who know me just laughed out loud. Full disclosure: I’m in no way a triathlete!) But, hey, if upbeat music can enhance my *performance* at the gym, I’m listening (pun intended)! So pack your playlist with these new songs: ft. Eva Simons – This is Love  4.57
Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull – Dance Again  4.27
Cheryl – Call my Name  4.29
Flo Rida – Whistle  3.46
Dragonette – Let it Go  3.34
Jay Sean ft. Pitbull – I’m All Yours  4.09
Rihanna – Where Have You Been 4.14

My idea of a workout (image via)

Have you seen our previous workout posts? What songs do you rock out to? 


  1. Love that Rihanna song! Thanks for the suggestions. Lisa x

  2. If music get you to work out, than I suggest you try Zumba (if you already haven't). It is a fabulous work out and the music is so much fun. There is a great studio on St Laurent (which I attend)- I wrote a post about them recently

    xoxo Danina of Fashionable in Montreal

    1. I've been doing Zumba once in a while at the Y in Westmount. The teacher is just so great - he has rhythm in every inch of his body! (I do not, haha!) Loved your post; thanks for sharing, E.