Thursday, 31 May 2012

Interview with Monica de Liz

Monica de Liz is a Montreal-based image expert and style coach. A while back, she entered the gallery, came up to me with a warm smile and said: “Do you mind if I roll up your sleeves? Yes, woman, it’s good to show a little skin! Oh, and I suggest you purchase a pair of white pants to match that top: it would be ravishing!” I was charmed. And yes, I went out to buy the pants. Since, I’ve been addicted to Monica’s newletters, which promote positive thinking and suggest wonderful outfits for every occasion. I hope you enjoy this inspiring interview!

Monica de Liz

How did you start in the fashion industry?
Let me clarify; I don’t belong to the fashion industry because I find it limits women’s personal style to specific colors, labels and trends (just like the mainstream media and celebrity culture). Through workshops I help women make peace with their bodies and transform their image so they are free to express who they are from the inside out with authenticity, confidence and grace. I show them how to dress from a place of acceptance, joy and love versus doubt, fear and worry. My work is based on effective success principles from wise men and women throughout history that I’ve studied and applied to my own life. For that reason, I’m honored to belong to the personal development industry. 

What motivated you to become a style coach?
Growing up in Brazil our family had limited financial resources; my mom was a maid and my dad a carpenter. Our lives completely shifted from stability to chaos when my father left. I believe what got me into this career path was my mother’s courage, determination and resourcefulness to make the most out of the little she had to dress, educate and feed two girls. She worked very hard as a maid during the day and knitted beautiful sweaters at night to earn extra money to buy us school books and make sure we looked the part. Her refusal to accept that just because we were born into a less privileged class of society, we had to live as such has been my motivation to inspire women to be more. I’m committed to bring about a new age where women take full responsibility for creating the life they want versus waiting for a relationship to fulfill their dreams.

How is hiring a style coach different from hiring a stylist?
If you wish to use your wardrobe as a self-discovery tool to re-invent yourself, I’m your woman. My style coaching program has powerful transformational exercises that integrate body-mind-spirit to help you identify and overcome self-limiting-beliefs which may prevent you from being happy in your clothes and the skin you are in. If you are addicted to the latest fashion trends and only wear designer labels, then I’m not for you. A stylist selects clothes to put together a specific look for editorial photo shoots, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances and any public appearances made by celebrities, models and public figures.  

What is the best purchase you ever made?
Michael Kors Sunglasses for $34 at Winners that normally retail for $300!

Fashion-wise, are there any major fashion don’ts?
Badmouthing another woman. Objectification of women on TV. Hypersexualisation of girls in advertising. Photo-shopping images of women in fashion magazines.

What does fashion mean to you?
For me, fashion is all about self-expression. Dressing is a non-verbal language. You never have a second chance to make a first impression. It’s the art of using your clothes as a tool to sell your experience/knowledge/skills for personal advancement and growth.

Which modern day icons do you look up to?
Chanel for her courage to be true to her unique style.
Diane Von Furstenberg for her visionary business spirit.
Gloria Steinem for her pioneering activism to promote equal rights between men and women.
Madonna for her ability to constantly re-invent her image year after year.
Oprah Winfrey  for her commitment to teach wisdom to the masses through her own life experience.

What songs are you listening to at the moment?
Dance Again (Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull)
Glad You Came (The Wanted)
Keep Your Head Up (Andy Grammer)
We Are Young (Fun featuring Janelle Monae)
Top Of The World (Raghav)

Are there any trends you are excited about this spring?
I never follow trends, I create my own.

How would you describe your personal style?
Creative. Daring. Fun.

What are three items every woman should have in her closet? 
A pair of dark blue jeans, a little black dress and a basic tailored suit.

What’s next for Monica de Liz?
Product Development: Books, DVD’s, Accessories, iPhone App!

For more information on Monica de Liz, please visit her website by clicking HERE.


  1. Awesome interview! Very inspiring. She had me at badmouthing of other women is a fashion faux pas. xoxo Danina of Fashionable in Montreal

  2. great interview....