Tuesday, 22 May 2012

How to wear mixed prints

Today, I stepped out with my green polka dot dress and an oversized leopard umbrella. Somehow, with my black Kate Spade patent leather bag, the overall look was quite chic. It got me thinking about the does and don’ts of mixing prints. We’ve been told time and time again to stay away from contrasting patterns and textures, but now’s the time to break away!

RVEN Cotton-silk gabardine tuxedo blazer / Stella McCartney sunglasses / Current Elliott Haystack floral print stiletto pants / Michael Kors brushed gold tone watch / Modstrom beige and white tank top / Anya Haindmarch gold glitter Valorie clutch / Alexander McQueen skull silk-chiffon scarf / Tory Burch ballet flats in pink patent leather

The easiest way to master this trend is to incorporate pieces with a similar color scheme and/or print size. Here, I chose to combine a floral motif, large stripes and a very subtle skull print. You’ll notice that I kept the accessories in similar shades and anchored the outfit with a solid blazer. Make sure all patterns are unique enough to offset one another. And most importantly: Have fun with it! 

Which prints do you like to mix and match?


  1. Oh, I like this... very classy indeed!

  2. Ooo so pretty! Love this color scheme. Great post!