Thursday, 24 May 2012

Life according to my Pinterest

My addiction to Pinterest continues to grow. The Kikster (who lovingly follows, but refuses to pin) keeps saying “I don’t get it. It just looks messy.” Messy? It a cornucopia of awesomeness! Tell me: what does your Pinterest say about you? Mine shows that I love fashion, have eclectic taste in art, like sweets a little too much, and this week, it’s saying that I’m obsessed with the colour red!

Check out April’s  edition of Life according to my Pinterest.


  1. I DIY that t-shirt in the corner. Got the St-James mariniere from a boutique on St Denis (near the corner of Rachel), made a CC stencil by blowing up the logo and printing it off, and then hand painting the Chanel logo. Turned out really good. I think you commented on it on the blog. xoxo Danina of Fashionable in Montreal

    1. I KNOW! I saw it! I couldn't beleive it was a DIY! I would love for you to create a DIY post for PartyMixTape! I was super impressed! I can't find the link on your blog... could you post it here please so please can check it out?

    2. I did two posts with that t-shirt. The links are below:

      Here you can also see the difference in photo quality that I mentioned to you in one of my previous comments. I would love to do a DIY for your blog.

    3. I was CERTAIN I had answered! FOR SURE we are doing this DIY project! I love the idea of doing it together. I'll shop for the top & we'll do brunch... and then we'll blog about it! :)