Friday, 1 June 2012


1. Wearing my favourite green pants / 2. After Sue’s wedding / 3. H&M and Spike the Punch bling / 4. Isabelle May Jewelry / 5. Admiring Montreal after hiking up Mont-Royal with Hubby (The highlight was our GSP spotting! So cool! It definitely made Hubs want to take more walks with me...) / 6. My Zara dress and bright Cambon lips / 7. Feeding my addiction: Red Velvet cake... eaten before I had time to put the icing on it. BTW: it’s on a clear glass plate... no, I do not leave my food on the counter... / 8. Action or Turquoise and Caicos? / 9. Bejeweled for date night.


  1. Another great month at PartyMixTape! Can't wait to see what you come up with for June - including my own small collaboration ;) It's coming, by the way...

    1. D girl, I can't wait for your contribution! I'm so happy and proud to see PMT grow... I've been having so much fun writing it - I hope it shows! Love ya! Em xo