Friday, 8 June 2012

My Mom's Recommendation: Add a Scarf!

We’ve read about the one item The Kikster’s can’t live without; we’ve seen D’s choice… now, here is my mom’s!

“The item I can’t live without…  A scarf!  My signature look is a beautiful pashmina on a black dress. A scarf can tie an outfit together, give your face a pop of colour and keep you warm on a cool or windy day.  A scarf is THE quintessential fashion accessory.  There are so many textures, shapes and styles from which to choose!  While scarves can be investment pieces (I have one with mink fur balls!) it is usually easy to find something trendy for a small amount.  And yes, there are scarves for every season.  Have fun!”

“The scarves I selected illustrate my recent appreciation of pink and bright patterns. These choices can bring a pop of colour to a rainy day. Bring on summer, I say!”


  1. You are so lucky to have a mother that participates in your interests and blog... who doesn't like scarves? Good choice! Lisa

  2. Having a fashion-conscious daughter means I have access to great ideas! Glad you are enjoying E's blog! She certainly enjoys getting those articles ready! J.

  3. I love the pattern on the one on the right!
    xo, Chelsea

  4. Love the first scarf! So pretty and would go with so many colors. I love adding scarves to an outift. Gives it a totally different vibe.