Thursday, 14 June 2012

Recommendations: MC & AJ

We conclude our “Recommendations Series” with my friends MC and AJ:

MC’s Recommendation: Top 5 mascaras

“I am a mascara girl. It is the fashion item I cannot live without: it simply never fails to help me tie my look together. As well, it takes very little time and effort to put on, which means an easy and quick way to provide maximum impact! I wear mascara on a daily basis and own several tubes from different brands; my daily choice depends on my mood or the look I’m going for. I also like that, even though mascara can be a luxury item if you purchase it from a designer cosmetic brand, some great products come at a very affordable price, which means I can indulge in having a wide variety of options to choose from! Through time though, one thing has never changed: I always go for the blackest of blacks. I was blessed with long lashes, but not very thick ones, so whether I am seeking a natural look or something much more dramatic, you’ll see that this selection represents my favorite «volume enhancing» mascaras… of the moment, of course!”

1. Benefit: They’re Real
2. Cover Girl Lash Blast
3. Almay Get Up and Grow
4. Dior Show
5. Revlon Grow Luscious

AJ’s Recommendation: Rock the dress

“When E asked me to talk about one thing I couldn't live without, it was a challenge. As she and the girls know, I often change my mind about fashion and I usually go through intense love phases, the most recent ones being Lush products and Banana Republic clothes. Some people would call them "obsessions.” I say "Whatever!” I just find it hard to stay faithful to one specific product - I like change and novelty too much! My current obsession is dresses for work. Right now, I'm rocking my H&M dress bought in New York with a short black jacket and a vintage beige belt. Adding black shoes and Ju Things accessories and there you have it: my power dress outfit! It actually makes me believe I can do anything, because I'm sexy, and I know it - I work out! Of course, I also have my winter power dress: a navy dress from Banana Republic, a beige belt and beige cardigan with cute Mary Jane shoes - oh, bring it on! If dresses were banished from work - or if dresses were extinguished - I would probably consider skirts, but it would never be the same!”

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What is the one item you could not live without?


  1. Dior show is awesome, but I still keep my trusty Great Lash in my makeup bag as well:)
    xo, Chelsea

  2. I like Dior too although right now I switched to L'Oreal.


  3. MC convinced me to try "Benefit: They're real!" The look is amazing - but boy oh boy is it a workout to remove! I love "Grow" by Revlon but my fav is Lancôme "Doll Lashes" (which is not in MC's top 5)

  4. I love this series... you should really have people who follow you just send in the items they can't do without!! ! And when I think of MC, I think of her beautiful eyes. And AJ has such a sense of fun - that permeates her very being. Great article as well. (How about your obsession with Tom shoes?) : )

    1. You are RIGHT: AJ is such a TOMS girl! She'll have to guest post about it! She convinced me to buy a pair - and I loooove them!

  5. estee laudr double wear - amazing x

  6. My favourite mascara of all times (Flextencils by Lancome) has sadly been discontinued making me loath that practice. Apparently their Hyponse is the next chapter, the better and improved version, but I beg to differ. I use it anyway but I will forever mourn Flextencils. xoxoD

  7. I love L'Oreal's Extra Collagen Volume Mascara. It makes your lashes look thick,full, and beautiful. I used it on my wedding day and it did not disappoint. I will have to try some of your suggestions though too b/c mascara is one thing I can't live without either!