Thursday, 7 June 2012

D's Recommendation: Sephora on your B-day

The women in my life continue to share their recommendations with PartyMixTape readers. Here is D’s suggestion: 

"A few years ago, I discovered Sephora and, since then, your favourite blogger E, MC, AJ and I have spent many hours walking up and down the aisles of this beauty-lovers-paradise, from Ottawa to Las Vegas to New York."

"As a Sephora Beauty Insider member, I get a free product for my birthday. Every year, when January rolls around, I start to get excited about what Sephora goody I will get. I must say the last two years did not disappoint. In 2011, I loved the Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake sample so much that I ended up buying a big bottle that I’m still working on (this heavenly scent is for special occasions only!)"

"The 2012 gift, however, has been my favourite so far. I received a pack of two mini Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment lip balms, and they rocked my world. The clear one smells like lemon and makes your lips feel smooth and healthy, and the tinted one (I got Rosé) adds a touch of colour for a casual, yet put-together look. Once again, Sephora, you got me. As soon as I’m done with the samples, I will be buying the full version of the product. Can’t wait to see what my gift will be next year!"

Check in tomorrow to read my mom’s choice!


  1. I cannot by like a sugar therapy!


  2. D - I just got an email from Sephora and they placed these Sugar lip balms on the top of their Top 10 must-have list! It's official - I need to follow your recommendation!