Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day!

This is a picture of my Dad and my Hubby, being foolish on our wedding day. I’m blessed to have parents who love my husband like a son.

Happy Father’s Day to the best dad ever! He is a mathematical genius with an intense passion for fractals (how many daughters can say THAT about their dad?). He is a world traveller and an avid reader. But what’s best about my Dad is that he drove me to school every day and let me choose the radio station. He listened to me sing along to all the teenybopper boys’ band without a single complaint. He reads every book I recommend, listens to every CD I gift him. He has a twinkle in his eye throughout my long-winded stories and laughs at my wordplays. We both think each other is pretty awesome. Love you Dad!  xox


  1. You do have a pretty spectacular dad. Love the photo!

    1. *smile* That's really nice, Ann. He'll be tickled pink you wrote that! Thank you!

  2. Such a sweet photo! My uncle is into fractals too (and I love him almost as much as my dad). xoxoD