Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Interview with Jessica Di Pierro

Meet Jessica Di Pierro, an interior designer and project manager for de Man design & mobilier. The designer reveals images of her upcoming projects and shares with PartyMixTape readers her thoughts on buying her first home, working in the design industry and hanging art.

Interior designer Jessica Di Pierro

What is your passion?
Of course interior design is definitely one of my passions, but I have to say that everything having to do with beauty and aesthetics is in my range.  Not only have I studied fashion marketing, but I also took theater production where I would work on costumes, decors and lighting… that was such an incredible learning experience.  I even took makeup classes and worked on a few music videos and local movie sets.  Tinkering, painting, gardening, gift wrapping, you name it.  So if I really had to describe it, I guess you could say that my biggest passion is to work with my hands and enhance the hidden beauty in different elements.  It gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

How did you start in the interior design industry?
A few years back, I owned a furniture import and distribution company with my now husband and was really looking to get into interior design.  So I started taking night classes.  Unfortunately, the program got cancelled before I could finish. In the meantime, we sold the company, got married and became pregnant right away. I had nine months off, so I took that time to renovate our house and really enjoyed it. After giving birth, I was lucky enough to spend all my time at home with my wonderful daughter. When she started daycare, I decided I would finish what I had started. So I went back to school full time and graduated.  I worked for myself for awhile and am now happily employed at de Man design & mobilier. 

Combing her different passions; here is Di Pierro’s proposal for a local hair salon

What is the best purchase you ever made?
My best purchase is our house!  It’s not new, it’s not a palace, but it’s got great energy. It’s just the right size for our family and making it our home has been great so far.  It’s my own canvas and a constant work in progress, but as they say: “Your work is never done when you own a house.  There’s always something to do!”  

What are some of the common mistakes made by homeowners?
With all the decorating magazines and interior design shows on air these days, people have many tools to learn the basics and have also very much improved at creating balanced environments.  Still, the most common mistake, in my opinion, remains the positioning of furniture.  Some people seem to think that every piece of furniture needs to be against a wall.  Actually, bringing the furniture closer to the center of the room will make the room look bigger.  Another very common mistake is hanging art pieces too high.  Easy trick: eye level, when standing, is always a safe height.

Note the artwork by Karine Bassal on the far left!

Is design art or science?
Both, I guess!  The art part definitely comes in the conceptual phase.  That’s when the juices are flowing.  Everything after that is very technical. There is a whole set of plans that need to be made for each project and they do require a whole lot of precision.

What would be your recommendation for “what to do first” in a decorating project?
I think it’s important for the people living in a space to sit down and take some time to properly define the exact purpose of the room they wish to renovate or redecorate.  Make a list of the different functions you’ll use it for and define the different areas.  Don’t be afraid to list your priorities. That should usually define your starting point.

Which designers do you look up to?
In the fashion industry, Karl Lagerfeld has great style designing classic pieces with a modern touch.  But I also love the eclectic signature of Betsey Johnson.  She has a way of merging ideas, patterns and textures together and making them work.  I really admire that.  In interior design, I love Frank Lloyd Wright’s structured modern masterpieces.  With great architecture, airy interiors, functional furniture, they transcend the test of time.   

How amazing are these 3D renderings? This is one of the services offered by Jessica Di Pierro to help clients visualize the completion of a project. You may contact her by clicking HERE.

What songs are you listening to at the moment?
A lot of radio!
Some nights – FUN
Back in time – Pitbull
Fallout – Marianas Trench
Wide Awake – Katy Perry
Lullaby – Nickelback
Wild Ones – Flo Rida

Are there any trends you are excited about this spring?
I really love all the bright nail polish colors!!  It’s hard not to buy every single one of them.

What’s next for Jessica Di Pierro?
I’m grateful for what I’ve accomplished so far and feel very blessed for what I have.  I take life one day at a time.  So who knows what will come next!


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