Monday, 18 June 2012

What's In My Medicine Cabinet

(Hubby spotted me in the bathroom, and asked:  “Umm... Em? What are you doing?”  Taking a picture of my side of the medicine cabinet!  “Why?”  Because girls like to know things like this!   He responded with a bewildered look and walked off.) 
I’ve been asked by friends and PMT readers if I’ve tested the beauty products I recommend on this blog.  Here’s the proof that I have not only tested them – I actually own them...  and many more.

1. Degree “Fresh Energy”: Not glamorous, but hey, important! / 2. Nivea eye makeup removal cream for those days when I think waterproof is a good idea... / 3. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner: I loved the tester so much, I purchased the full-size bottle / 4. Avène’s Micellar Lotion (being allergy-prone, this is my fav makeup remover) / 5. I’m not a perfume aficionado. But I do love Chance by Chanel and enjoy testing out scents by Jo Malone. In the background, you can also spot Jennifer Aniston’s fragrance... I think my next purchase will be Beach by Bobbi Brown / 6 . Avène Gentle Purifying Scrub: To be honest this is not ideal for people with rosacea. But a monthly scrub feels nice! / 7. Clinique’s Redness Solution: This was my go-to moisturizer until I discovered number eight / 8. Kiehl’s Panthenol Protein Moisturizing Face Cream (looove it!) / 9. Dental floss! I like Crest Glide / 10. You’ve read about my love for Bio-Oil when I named my Top 10 beauty products (did you buy it yet?)

What are your favourite beauty products?


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