Wednesday, 24 October 2012

San Diego & Street Art

When I was in California, Hubby and I went to San Diego, where Hubs had a little business to attend, leaving me to my own devices. First stop: the Museum of Contemporary Art! Since I appeared to be the only visitor there, I decided to start up a conversation with the staff. Turns out, like me, they were street art enthusiasts. They were kind enough to draw me a city map, where I spotted some awesome pieces. Check it out: 

Here is a small ceramic piece I found by the French artist Invader in downtown San Diego.

Top: Shepard Fairey & Invader / Bottom: Vhils & a faded wheat paste by Os Gemeos


  1. Ahh this looks awesome! I just attended the Kansas City art fair recently! I read your interviews too! Love love love them!


    Erin @

  2. Thanks - once again - for making us discover different forms of art. I feel like I'm more of a well-rounded person because of your blog. Love!

  3. Wow, so many great pieces throughout the city!

    xo Jenny