Friday, 19 October 2012

The Essentials for your Evening Bag

Have you ever gone out with your girlfriends and been asked: “Can I put my ID in your purse? I have no more room in mine.” Yes, we have all been there. I was once an offender myself. That is until I became smart about purchasing cute evening bags that are actually functional.

Here is a picture of my favourite Kate Spade camel clutch, which I received on my 30th birthday.

If your clutch does not fit all your needs, i.e your cash, your ID, your makeup, your cell phone, your keys and some form of candy or breath mint: please buy another bag! ...Now, you might have read “candy” and thought “I don’t need candy in my bag,” oh but you do. We women tend to get hungry at unexpected moments. And when we do, we get complain-y. Be a sport, and start chewing on a piece of gum or pass one along when you see a friend start to fade. Please share this wisdom with all the women in your life!


  1. Great post and great list of essentials! Over the years I've managed to narrow down my list of essentials too and it certainly is helpful!

  2. I'm glad you brought this up. It's an important issue and one that every woman should be aware of. Because, you know, once you put your money in other people's purses, there is always the risk that they will use that money to pay for their own stuff (or at least come close to doing it). It's not that they are bad friends, but they may get distracted easily, you know? Can't wait to show you my new black Coach clutch!

    1. YA. RIGHT. Miss Dominique I remember that day where "oups" you were spending MY money! LOL! I learned my lesson the hard way!

  3. Thanks for this post....I would always want to jam everything into a dainty little evening bag!!


  4. I say that all the time! It's difficult to find a clutch that can fit all of that!


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