Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

I received an email request last weekend – and it’s a great question! “We've definitely moved into fall but I still want to wear some of my summer clothing, with its bold and fun colours. Any suggestions for a smooth transition?”

We purchase such beautiful spring and summer items only to disregard them once the leaves start to change. As a challenge, I revisited two older posts I wrote celebrating flashy colours and fun accessories: Summer Wardrobe Essentials and Spring Brights. I then combined them to my new Five Trends to Update your Fall Wardrobe. Here are the results:


(For more information regarding individual items, see links above.)

Keep an eye out for interesting summer/fall colour combinations. For example, turquoise is a great match with kaki and emerald. Navy can be mixed and matched with most bright shades, such as green, yellow and orange. Don’t be shy to add a few bright pink accessories to a plum ensemble or a neon necklace to a charcoal dress. You can also play with textures by combining summery silks with fall knits. To help you out, here are few pictures of some of my favourite bloggers as they transition from warm to chilly weather.
{1) {2} {3} {4}


  1. Such great suggestions to incorporate summer pieces into fall. I'm certainly not quite ready to let go of my summer pieces either so this is really helpful! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Hi dear, interesting post, with great suggestions on the seasonal style transition. I also think some pieces can be worn through summer to fall and beyond.

  3. I love that NARS nail polish!

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style Blog

  4. really cute picks - i love NARS nail polish! xx

  5. I like the first selection the most! :D

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  6. Loving your inspo! That black jacket is amazing! Obsessed!