Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sunny Disposition

Oh yeah... Did I mention that I’m the luckiest girl alive and that I recently spent a week in the heavenly state of California? Truth be told, I’ve never travelled as much as this year – I feel both giddy and blessed at the idea. Since fall/winter has so quickly washed over Montreal, it was fun to pack my summer brights before storing them for good and feel the sun on my snow-white skin once again.

1. I dare you to name one other tree that can brighten up your day like a palm tree / 2. Welcome to California! Wearing my silver bangles on the plane and my summery Isabelle May bracelet / 3. On trend with Song nail polish by Butter London / 4. Hubby and I’s first stop: yup, In-n-Out! I couldn’t wait to take a bite of my burger before snapping this shot.


  1. LOVE it all! Look at you, jet-setter ;) By the way, how is the Armani makeup?

    1. D: you'll be happy! I'll be reviewing BOTH the Armani makeup and BB Cream!

    2. You're awesome. Can't wait!