Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Colour Block - The Nail File

I love a good manicure. Last week, my nails were a great shade of gray-blue by MAC, and then a nude by Chanel (and by nude, I mean literally my skin colour... which made me look nail-less... What can I say people?  You win some you lose some.) Today, I am embracing colour, as I have opted for a flashy red-orange by OPI. This got me thinking about the concept of colour blocking which I mentioned earlier this week... I’ve seen so many multicoloured nails both on the runway and on celebrities, and I’m wondering if I’d dare give it a try. For those who know me, this is saying a lot. I’ll admit it; I’m OCD about having matching nails and toenails. Mismatched fingernails seem... reckless! Ha! What’s your take?
Image via / Check out the new spring nail polish collections by Yves St-Laurent, Essie & Deborah Lippman


  1. I love this! I always found that choosing just one colour was unfair - 10 fingers, 10 colours!
    xxx AJ

  2. This is so fun, and right on trend for summer