Sunday, 4 March 2012

Colour Block

Knowing that Bedo’s spring collection was in, I just had to go see. Of course, I ended up purchasing a wonderful colour block dress in shades of tangerine, pink and black. For those unaware of this trend, colour blocking is the pairing of two or more contrasting colours. For example, you could wear a red shirt with a pink skirt to the office, or go out with friends rocking a yellow tank top and a purple clutch… Try playing with the clothes you have, or go shopping and pick out one of these daring combos:

Outfit 1: Cashmere sweater from JCrew with shoes from Zara / Outfit 2: Oasis t-shirt with shoes from Top Shop / Outfit 3: Alice + Olivia Dress with shoes from Zara


  1. Love the JCrew sweater. Will definitely have to go in NYC!

  2. Love that purple peep toe heel!