Thursday, 22 March 2012

Happy Bachelorette, Sue!

This weekend, I am off to my hometown to celebrate with my friend Sue. Along with her twin sister Isa, Sue and I met in kindergarten. I was dubbed “the third twin,” a nickname I adored. On Saturday, we will be celebrating Sue’s bachelorette party. What a milestone! And to think that I had my first sleepover at their home; I participated in my first lip-sync concert with them (a New Kids on the Block cover, of course!); I had my first food fight with them (don’t fight with ketchup, kids); we sang along to the Beatles all through our youth (and still today); they made me watch The Three Amigos too many times, and made me jump in the pool to test out how freezing it was (very, was always the answer). We grew up together. So here’s a post for Sue, in honour of her upcoming Big Day.

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Sue, je suis tellement fière de la femme que tu es devenue et de la vie que tu as bâtie. Quel bonheur – quel honneur – d’être encore dans ta vie après 25 ans. Prépare-toi pour une fin de semaine incroyable! Je t'aime!

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