Friday, 30 March 2012

Safari Chic

When I saw this photograph on Pinterest, it was love. There is something about it that is both carefree and totally unexpected. As summer is fast approaching (or so I tell myself), I know safari chic will make a comeback... it’s one of those trends that has a sneaky way of coming back every year. Below, you’ll see my take on desert fashion. Will you be rocking your cargo pants in 2012?

1. Ollie & Nic Gerry Giraffe Print Scarf (in camel) / 2. Madewell Biltmore straw hat / 3. Michael Kors Oversized Madison Chronograph Watch (Horn) / 4. Equipment blouse, Brett Silver Multi / 5. Yves Saint Laurent Cotton-gabardine trench dress / 6. Quicksilver cargo pants / 7. Michael Kors Open Link Horn Bracelet / 8. Yves Saint Laurent Tribute python sandals / 9. Michael Kors Earrings, Horn Hoop Earrings


  1. I love the exotic traveler vibe! =)

  2. Ahhh!!! I love this! I would totally wear all of these pieces!


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