Thursday, 1 March 2012

Spring Brights

I was all gung ho about spring fast approaching, after all, March sounds quite spring-y. But no. Instead, this morning, Montreal was hit by a giant storm. I lost electricity and was late for work. Pout. Do not worry; the day did not go downhill. In fact, I received the surprise visit of Keren Blankrot, the chief designer at Upstage Montreal. Yay for unexpected coffee breaks!  So in celebration of spring, and of all those moments that make life fun, I am sending out a sunny and bright post to the universe.  COME TO ME SPRING – my wardrobe is ready for you!
1. H&M mint sneakers / 2. Kate Spade sailor stripe yellow scarf / 3. Isabelle May Coral Sunset bracelet / 4. Betsey Johnson yellow floral earrings / 5. Kissing crocodile belt by Kate Spade/ 6. Isabelle May Coralie bracelet / 7. Charles Albert pink jasper ring / 8. Treasure chest necklace by Kate Spade / 9. Balenciaga Green Bag / 10. J Brand bright pink jeans
In the meantime, I repeat the following mantra:  

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  1. This post makes me smile! I'm loving those pieces and COLORS!