Friday, 2 March 2012

Weekend Plans

I’m particularly excited about this weekend as I plan on doing a whole lot o’nothing! My plans include a chick flick with my buddy MC and some spring cleaning. (Hubby is nervous, as I’ve threatened to clean out his closet.) Maybe I’ll add a brunch to this mix, and maybe a manicure in some bright colour, oh, and some shopping since Bedo just came out with its spring collection, and... you see? This is how nothing turns into so much more! Happy weekend to you & keep up with those positive spring-y vibes!

Alice + Olivia Claire Maxi Dress (recently sold out at Northstorm) & bright peonies found on Pinterest (P.S. How much do you love Pinterest? Follow us!)


  1. lovely!

    your newest follower Michelle

    1. Thank Michelle, I really appreciate it! Happy weekend!