Monday, 9 July 2012

30 minutes: Refresh!

For the last couple of days I’ve been hitting the gym sans iPod. Bad idea! Music truly does push you further (or at the very least, makes time go by faster). So replenish your iPod with thirty minutes worth of fresh hits! Happy workout! Check out our previous 30 minute mix by clicking HERE.

Eric Zener, Cusp, oil on canvas, 42 x 48 inches, 2010

Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo – Let's Go   4.12
Timbaland ft. Ne-Yo – Hands In the Air   4.08
David Guetta ft. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne – I Can Only Imagine   3.55
The Wanted – Chasing the Sun   3.16 (any song with an embarrassing amount of “oh-oh-ohs” is a good workout choice.)
Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up   3.47
Flo Rida – Let it Roll   3.15
Calvin Harris ft. Example – We'll Be Coming Back   3.52
Usher – Scream   3.57


  1. It's almost impossible for me to be at the gym without my ipod! Great music choices!

    Dainty and Decadent

  2. So true!!! I can't work out at all without my music! Thanks so much for the suggestions! I'm definitely going to download these!

    <3 Jenny

  3. The right music can make for a good work out. And it has to be LOUD!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  4. You are SO right!!! Great song choices! Also, I am tagging you in my blog post tomorrow! Stay tuned... I think you'll feel special :) xoxo!

  5. Drive By by Train is a great song to work out to!