Friday, 20 July 2012

Animal Print Bonanza

Did I ever tell you that at Hubby and I’s wedding, there was a strict black, white and leopard dress code? (I’m not kidding.)  It was magical – you should see the pictures! I promise to post some on our wedding anniversary in September. In the meantime, whether you are running off to date night, or heading out to the movies with some friends, try adding a touch of animal print. It will be sure to brighten your day. Happy weekend, Emily xo

Eugenia Kim Darcy Fedora with Leopard Scarf / Animal Skater Dress from topshop / Alexander McQueen Leopard Skull Scarf / iPhone Case by Kate Spade / Current Elliott Leopard corduroy low-rise skinny jeans / Madewell shoes / Equipment Blush Leopard Print Chiffon Signature Shirt / Valentino Bag



  1. Great little flats. I cant wait to see your wedding pictures, the dress code sounds outrageous!

  2. My biggest weakness. Love animal print just got me some fabulous leggings. Hope the birthday prep is going well. Have fun tonight. Bisous Danina

  3. OMG, if you are serious about the dress code, that might just be the coolest thing I've ever heard!!! I'm dying to see the pics!!!

    xo Jenny

  4. Wow very lovely animal print collection....everythings just marv!!!


  5. Great ending picture with animal print lips!!!