Monday, 9 April 2012

I'm back

I’m back from New York! Although I’m a little disappointed to find Montreal so chilly and grey, it’s good to be back with Hubby. That being said, my trip with the girls was nothing short of amazing. A whole five days of walking, shopping, talking, shopping, eating and museums: I was in heaven! New York’s classic Easter Parade, a Cindy Sherman solo exhibition at MoMA and fantastic sunny weather made the trip that much greater.

One thing is certain: after walking the streets of NYC, I was all the more convinced that a lot more colour needed to be added to my wardrobe. I thus filled my suitcase with green pants, an orange silk blouse, two shades of tangerine lipstick, all sorts of floral patterns and an assortment of statement necklaces. On my arrival to the airport, they marked my bag with a large green tag which read: “ATTENTION: HEAVY.” (Yup, that’s how I roll.) ...Did you read my post about packing? Live and learn people! Pack less. Pack a lot less. Because you will need the room when you return!

I also wanted to thank you all for your suggestions via blogspot, twitter and facebook. I tried to follow as many as I could. I have to admit that the shopping in SoHo was EPIC. The food was out of this world: the TAO, Le Cirque and Becco did not disappoint. This week, I promise to post a few pictures of our trip – so stay tuned.  

Get some colour in your wardrobe! Image via

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