Sunday, 15 April 2012

Papier12: Top 3

The Papier12 art fair is such a wonderful place to visit. You are bound to meet people you know, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with up-and-coming artists and, most importantly, it’s the occasion to view amazing art. Located in Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles, Papier12 went all out to celebrate its fifth anniversary, with a ritzy red carpet and two large red and blue sculptures by Canadian artist Shayne Dark. 

Image via RSVP Report

I entered Papier12’s large white tent on Saturday afternoon, happy to be greeted by familiar faces at Galerie d’art Jean-Claude Bergeron. I meandered through the rows, contemplated every artist at every booth – and am now ready to let you know my top three artists.
I’ll start with Elmyna Bouchard from Galerie Trois Points. I’ve been keeping an eye out for Bouchard’s etchings for quite some time, and was pleasantly surprised to see her new production of stamping on paper. (I’ll give a well deserved shout out to GTP’s staff that was extremely friendly and approachable. When entering any art venue, I am a firm believer that a friendly face is a must.)

Elmyna Bouchard’s Tiges, Stamping on paper, 2011

Parisian Laundry's booth blew me away with artwork by Jaime Angelopoulos. Using conté and oil pastels on paper, Angelopoulos’ deceptively simple compositions and bright colours were a feast for the eyes. Not only was the work fantastic, but so was the framing.

Jaime Angelopoulos: The Traveller, pastel on paper, 2011 & Untitled, pastel on paper, 2012

Finally, my heart melted when I saw Arnaud Maggs at booth number 203: Susan Hobbs Gallery. When writing my MA thesis on Mail Art several years ago, I fell hard for Maggs’ photographs of envelopes, Notificationi and ii. To see two photographs of his Contamination series was a huge treat.
Arnaud Maggs, Contamination, edition of 3
An honourable mention goes out to Antoine Tavaglione, who has been featured numerous times on this blog. Presented at the Maison Kasini booth, I was delighted to see Tava’s collaboration with Dave Tarado.


  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of (and love for!) art. It's great for someone who doesn't know much about it - like me! - to get introduced to local artists. I will definitely look up the artists in your top 3!

    1. Do check them out! We have such great local talent.
      Love your comments Dominique: keep 'em coming!
      E. xo

  2. So very interesting! There are great things happening in Montreal and you know where to look for them; thank you for your contageous passion!

    1. Thank you MC for such a thoughtful message - I really appreciate it!