Thursday, 12 April 2012

Keep, Toss or Donate

When you go on a shopping frenzy, as I just did in New York, you come home to a huge problem: lack of closet space. I find that the more I squeeze into my closet, the less I see the clothes, and the more I complain about having nothing to wear. Admit it: you’ve been there!

Image via Polyvore

For every change of season, I take the time to reevaluate the contents of my closet. Think about every item as falling into one of three categories: Keep, Toss or Donate. If it’s ripped, stained, or worn-out: ladies, let it go. TOSS! As for that cute top you purchased three years ago and never worn? DONATE. Try on everything, and be honest with yourself. Is this piece doing you any favours? Does it make you want to high-five the mirror? If not, DONATE. Still unsure as to whether you should keep or donate? Here’s my secret: I have a bag stashed under my bed. When in doubt, I place the questionable item in the bag. When I look a few months later, I’m either ecstatic... or, more likely, can’t believe I held on to it and hid it under my bed. Finally, if it looks awesome, fits awesome and makes you feel awesome: KEEP.

Sounds simple enough – yet I feel a friendly reminder is always appreciated! Happy spring cleaning!


  1. Good ideas... What about shoes, sandals and boots?

    1. Sadly, you should use the same process… oh, but it’s so much harder! Am I the only one with shoes in my closet that are too painful to wear, but too gorgeous to part with? …that being said, when you get rid of “unwanted” shoes, you get to buy NEW ones! SILVER LINING!!!