Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Interview with Isabelle May

One of the goals when creating this blog was to share my love and enthusiasm for visual arts, fashion and music. Hopefully, I have piqued your interest in new artists and trends. PartyMixTape has certainly given me the platform to contact wonderfully creative people. One of these people is jewelry designer Isabelle May.

I have been a fan of her jewelry for several years and own more bracelets and necklaces than I dare say! Worn by women of all types and ages, Isabelle May designs are easily recognizable with their high quality gemstones and sparkly crystals. I hope you enjoy this interview! Don’t forget to visit her website by clicking HERE.

Isabelle May wearing her own designs

Who or what influenced your current collection?
For this collection, I was mainly inspired by my travels, different gemstones and surrounding nature. I visualized what I would want to wear on vacation, strolling on a beach, or on a summer evening lounging on a terrace. I wanted to create pretty, elegant and delicate pieces that are versatile and fun to wear. I worked with semi-precious stones and gold tones for a richer and warmer look. I took advantage of the color trends and incorporated colorful stones in many pieces with my usual attention for details. Coming up with new ideas and designs every season can be a challenge so I mostly follow my instincts and create what I love and would wear myself.

Model wearing Enchanted necklace

What is your typical day in the workshop like?
I always start the day by writing a “to do” list of all my objectives for the day or the week, otherwise my mind gets scattered. I hand-make every piece of jewelry in my collections, so I have a busy schedule on a daily basis, all the while being on the lookout for new ideas and shopping for new materials.

What motivated you to become a jewelry designer?
I have loved fashion from an early age and studied fashion design and illustration. Working in a field related to design was an inevitable path. My passion for jewelry started when a friend inspired me to make jewelry. It started as a hobby. My designs soon began selling in boutiques. The response was positive so that was a great motivation. Being your own boss is also nice!

The more the better!

What are some of the materials you use in your jewelry?
My jewelry is a combination of Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones which I combine with gold, silver and rhodium chains to create a unique look. I often travel to buy the gemstones for my collections so that gives me new perspective and inspirations.
Out of all your creations, which is your favourite?
I would say that the Turquesa earrings are my favorite at the moment, and the colourful summer bracelets are my new babies!

 Model wearing Turquesa earrings

Which other jewelry designer do you admire?
I love Nicole Richie's House of Harlow line, Dannijo, Alexis Bittar... I admire anyone who has the passion to make it a living.

What’s the best fashion-related purchase you have ever made?
I love scarves and I recently purchased a Missoni scarf that I know I will wear for years to come. I think you can't go wrong with buying accessories, like jewelry, scarves or a great handbag. They can really turn the simplest outfit into a stylish one. My personal style has become more practical in the last few years because of my busy lifestyle. I wear lots of dresses in the summer, jeans, stacked bracelets, scarves and jewelry, of course! I am a big accessories fan and I rely on them to add style to my look.

Model wearing In Bloom necklace

Isabelle May’s top three songs:
Mr. Brightside – The Killers
Voulez Vous Abba
Heart of Glass – Blondie (Debbie Harry is one of my idols and a fashion icon. I really love the music and fashion of the 70's and early 80's.)

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