Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Colour of the year

My good friends will remember that in 2001, I rocked the colour coral so hard, it was downright embarrassing. Coral sweater, coral t-shirt, coral gauze skirt, coral loafer:  eek.  Brace yourselves my friends, because according to Pantone, the colour of the year is Tangerine Tango! Hello, youth!
From top to bottom : Tangerine Tango Paint swatch from Pantone / Champagne spritzers from Martha Stewart wedding / Decor from Pantone / Dress from H&M / Detail of Georges Mamàn’s Portrait de ville variation 307 / Décor from Upstage Montreal

Check out Glitter Guide for their tangerine-y vision!


  1. I so remember that coral turtleneck sweater with glitter in it you wore first year of university - I would say you had it on every second day. You have always been a trendsetter!
    Will the butterfly hair clips also make a comeback in 2012? ;)

  2. I do recall an awful (no, it was okay - really!!!) lot of coral during one period of your life... It was everywhere. But it looked good. I must say that I have been eyeing the new Chevrolet Aveo. It comes in a very bright orange/vermillion colour which really catches the eye. In a good way!