Thursday, 5 January 2012

Visual culture: Sophie Calle

Everything about my daily life has to do with seeing/looking/observing. As an Art Consultant – you can imagine how I rely on my sense of sight. Even at the gym, I’ll wait the extra fifteen minutes if it means I can get the elliptical trainer with a TV!
It’s quite powerful when a contemporary artist works with the concept of blindness. Take Sophie Calle, who will soon release Blind (“Aveugles”), a hardcover which catalogues the artist’s many interviews and photographs of blind people. How do they define beauty? Do they have any memory of seeing? What is beautiful?
One boy answered: “Green is beautiful. Because every time I like something, I’m told it’s green. Grass is green, trees, leaves, nature too… I like to dress in green.”

Sophie Calle, Blind series

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