Saturday, 14 January 2012

Pass the sizzurp

I have many things on my art-related wish list:  A work on paper by Betty Goodwin, a Serge Lemoyne painting, a Jim Dine heart sculpture, anything by General Idea... (Pleeeease let me win the lottery soon!) But one piece on my wish list that is not out of grasp is a silkscreen by the young and oh-so-hip street artist WhatisAdam:

WhatisAdam, Maple Sizzurp, Edition of 16

The French-Canadian in me just can't help but love this maple syrup can look-alike. It’s as if Andy Warhol had tailored a print to my cultural heritage. FUN FACT: I heard through the grapevine that Dominion & Grimm, the trademark owners of the original maple syrup can, spotted WhatisAdam’s Maple Sizzurp and send him an email. Surprisingly, this email did not include a cease and desist threat... Nope. Just a simple request: In exchange for a print, they would provide the artist with a full licensed agreement and a case of maple syrup. Now that is, quite literally, a sweet deal.


  1. This is awesome. I want one too. And, in terms of communications, they fid the right thing - what a great way to promote their product!